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I believe that there’s magic in every day.

I’m a coach, personal trainer, and writer, who believes each moment presents an opportunity for powerful expansion. There are lessons all around us waiting to be revealed, if only we’d dig deeper (and spend less time consumed with how to be less). It’s my mission to help women drop the shame, get curious, learn who they really are and what they truly want, and feel empowered to get there.

I teach women that we get to define ourselves, on our own terms. I believe you deserve to feel good in your body, no matter what it looks like. I know that your sense of self-worth has been stolen from you, in the name of dieting, shrinking, and someone else’s idea of what a, “good body,” is. I consider myself a partner on each Warrior Woman’s path, working together every step of the way to find what works for her body, her soul, and her life. All of us deserve to feel our innate strength constantly coursing through us, and it’s my goal to help you access that power.


I’ve worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and coach since 2010, after getting my degree in Health & Exercise Science (fun fact: I chose Wake Forest University for the sole reason that it was, at the time, one of only seven undergraduate institutions at which undergraduates could work with cadavers.).  When I’m not coaching, you can find me reading, writing, cooking, or keeping Leonidas and Lara Croft (my crime-fighting duo of awkward dogs) at bay. You can read a little bit more about how I got here in this blog post.

I may have initially entered fitness in the hopes of looking like a swimsuit model one day, but for the last 5+ years, my goals have been edited to not so much look like an arbitrary beauty standard but to feel like Wonder Woman. The consistency required to get strong delivers that feeling, if not with each workout, certainly over time. When we show up, even when it’s hard or raining or happy hour, we show ourselves that we’re worth it, that we believe in ourselves, and that we actually are the person who lives into her purpose. We transform from the girl who let things happen to her and who ran to pay nutritional penance into the woman who creates her life, who engages in activity that connects her to herself, and who honors her body and her energy.


I help people get stronger, get honest with themselves, and step into bigger destinies, doing the work to release their power into the world one step a time.


I can’t wait to help you uncover yours.

When we act like the higher version of ourselves, we become the higher version of ourselves. Call it what you want: fake it ‘til you make it, be it ‘til you believe it, etc. It’s just a fact: doing the work consistently produces the result. And that’s available to all of us.

To get started, head to the “coaching” tab at the menu on the right. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email there as well. I read every email, and often write blog posts based on submissions.

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