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[#WonderWomanLoading] 8w Program!

[#WonderWomanLoading] 8w Program!

As promised, and quickly (!), I’m popping up to deliver the BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW 8-week #WonderWomanLoading strength program! You have to be on the email list to get it though, so subscribe *quickly* and I'll email it to you!

I’m so stoked about this, because it’s one of the first programs I’ve delivered on a large scale with the explicit purpose of creating strength.

I’m honored to be a part of your journey to create a bigger, more fulfilled, more honest life. The day I decided to step into my purpose not as a shrinking violet, but as a loud, muscular, direct (nasty? ;) ) woman was the day my life changed forever. I went from wondering how I could keep everyone happy to making sure I was happy and adding value from my overflow, from maintaining a job where I wasn’t appreciated or effective to designing my work and my life, and from doing hours of cardio on the elliptical that made me want to gouge my eyes out with a rusty butter knife to lifting heavy things and finding empowerment in the hard stuff.

This is available to all of us, so time to get steppin'.

AND, as an incentive, if you refer the program to 3 people (who download it and join the mailing list), I’m offering one month of online coaching for free. :) I’d love to work with you!

A note on programming…

The big, major movements are designed for brute, raw strength. So, we’ll be working in a lower rep range, but relatively heavier weight for the first lifts of each day. I’d suggest going at 70-80% of your max, but, if you don’t know what that is (true max testing is hard to do by yourself, so no worries), what you’re looking for is a weight that’s challenging, but manageable to complete all 6 reps, but heavy enough that 8 would be a form breakdown/not really possible (I’m a proponent of always leaving one or two reps in the tank, in most cases.).

Here are also a few short video links to exercises that are not necessarily garden-variety, if you’re new to the strength game ::

Also, how to read it:

The blocks are written as sets x reps. So, for example, 3 x 6 is 3 sets of 6. They’re also written to be done horizontally, meaning complete all sets of A before moving on to B. The exceptions to this are the supersets (do one exercise immediately followed by the other, then switch back to exercise #1), which are denoted by things like E1/E2. Rest isn’t notated because, in this instance, it’s slightly variable; rest as long as you need to recover to be able to perform the next set with the same quality as the previous, but not so long that you lose your heart rate and blood flow. I’d recommend 90s-2m.

Have fun & let me know how it goes!

Bookwormin': My Top 10 Books for a Bigger Life.

Bookwormin': My Top 10 Books for a Bigger Life.

Make the choice to do the hard things- that's where the fruit is.

Make the choice to do the hard things- that's where the fruit is.