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Gratitude and joy are spiritual practices bound to a belief in human connectedness and in a power greater than ourselves. We can combat the sense of foreboding, soothe the pain of defeat, amplify the bubble of joy, and increase the love around us by acknowledging how truly grateful we are for the person, the situation, the connection, the beauty, the moment around us. Gratitude allows for joy – which requires uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. When we are thankful for what is presented and accepting its flow, we engage with the world in a childlike, joyful state. And the best part of all of this?


In any moment, at any time, in any situation, we get to choose to believe that there is enough and that we are enough. Gratitude is the practice (because we get better at it over time) of acknowledging this in any and every situation, no matter how high or how low. It’s the antidote to the emotional rollercoaster of life.