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Why I Don't Do Before-and-After Photos Anymore

I'm not into before-and-after photos, because I don't believe in comparison.

Not even of the "#youvsyou" variety.

I've found them to be damaging for many people: implying that smaller is always better, or that the "after" version of you is somehow more worthy, the new standard against which you should measure from now on.

I'm constantly changing, and the past iteration of myself isn't bad or wrong or less evolved. She's just different.

"I Have a Strong Desire to Feel Supported and Feel Like I Belong." Sound like you? Me, too.

When I began my career in fitness, I essentially crawled into the gym for my first day after spending a week drinking on the beach to celebrate my college graduation.

I knew I was passionate about wellness, about how our bodies move, and about how things fit together. I knew I wanted to walk out a journey as a person much like the average gym goer: not looking to compete in a physique show or be the next great Crossfit sensation, but just looking to look a little better, feel a lot better, understand my body, and have more confidence.

But I’d argue that my career choice, at least initially, was as much to heal myself as it was to help others (moderately selfish, I know.), finally putting into practice all the facts and theories I’d learned over years of studying health and exercise, hoping that using them practically would finally make it all make sense.

Because I’d tried a lot over the years, probably much like you.