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Be the Snowflake, and What I'm Reading

Be the Snowflake, and What I'm Reading

Happy December!

December, for me, is a month full of wonder. 

When the snow is falling, fuzzy socks are on, and twinkle lights abound, I revert to childlike innocence. 

The end of the year can be a tough time: it's full of rushing, of consumerism, of trying to make everyone happy, of too much food and too little movement, and, most of all, of us judging ourselves, more often than not. 

With the first snowflake and the lifting of my heart (which is called for, in my current neck of the woods, on Friday!), I get reminded to slow down and look around. The first little snowflake floats through the air on its own little path, creating a pattern and making an impact wherever it lands, signaling the bigger things to come.

It's beautiful exactly as it is, whether it sticks or not (or causes chaos or not. Or you were looking forward to it or not.).

Year-end is often a time for judgment for many of us, but I'd urge you to echo the snowflake this year: release what's holding you back and make your own path to impact, creating lightness along the way. Because you're even more magical than the first snowflake of the season.

If you're looking for some reading, I've been eyeballs-deep into a few different projects, and wanted to pass along some of my favorite articles to you!

If you're struggling with body image (who isn't working through some of those issues?), check out the brutally-honest body image lesson you need to hear.

If you'd like some no-nonsense diet advice (that is, admittedly, a bit of a longer read, but worth it), check out John Romaniello's principles of dieting

If you're at war with your scale, click to see seven better ways to measure your progress.

If you're stuck between ideas and action and need a push, here it is: there's no such thing as genius in the darkness of a basement.

And, finally, if you're struggling with the concept of failure, check out Deepak Chopra's ways to protect yourself from failure (it's great mindfulness).

Here's to a happy December!


Genius Without Work is a Myth.

Genius Without Work is a Myth.