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How Do You Feel Powerful?

POWER: what does it mean to you? Where is it found?

Does it hide from you, running to the dingy corner as soon as you enter the room and turn on the light? Or does it display itself proudly, waving its flag in your life as you march like General Sherman on his way to the sea, asserting your presence and leaving flames in your wake?

As womxn in a patriarchal world, there is no shortage of places we're told we can't be. There is no dearth of reminders of our status, supposedly submissive. In the board room, in the bedroom, in the gym, in the damn left-hand lane—we're underrepresented, told we don't belong, deemed, "too emotional," to handle it.

POWER: it isn't something supposedly meant for us.

Which is why I'd like to ask you where you find it for yourself.

Authenticity Is More Than a Marketing Tool.

Because we feel the need to stay relevant—to measure up to a standard that is always changing— and we choose our least messy mess and call it authenticity, without sitting with it, feeling it, and making it home.

Or, worse, we choose the least messy mess to avoid the big, hairy, audacious slop. “That’s too much,” we say, “no one will ever trust me if I talk about that."

What would happen if, instead of being social-media authentic, for the sake of significance, we took the time to get to know ourselves so that we could be real-life authentic?

Authenticity is more than a marketing tool.

The magic of our authentic lives lies deep inside ourselves, waiting for us to take a look.

Your authentic self is biding her time, yearning to breathe a sigh of relief once she’s released from her cage.

She holds the key to belonging, to freedom, to power, and to magic.

You Deserve to Feel Powerful in Your Body.

When we're sold an ideal based in the physical, we're never enough. We can always find a lump, a stretch mark, a muscle that's too big or too small (as the case may be), a too-long nose, or a rough patch of skin. We spend hours in the mirror or glancing at car windows on a walk, examining our angles and how our clothes lie on our bodies and, if a bra strap is pinching or a shirt isn't skimming lightly over a belly, we measure it against how we've eaten recently. Thoughts of failure come rushing in, and we rush out to buy into the next solution.

We deserve so much more.

Be the Snowflake, and What I'm Reading

Happy December!

December, for me, is a month full of wonder. 

When the snow is falling, fuzzy socks are on, and twinkle lights abound, I revert to childlike innocence. 

The end of the year can be a tough time: it's full of rushing, of consumerism, of trying to make everyone happy, of too much food and too little movement, and, most of all, of us judging ourselves, more often than not. 

Why Quitting Gets Easy

We've trained not to go in, do what we need to do to create love and peace and safety for ourselves, and then go about our lives, but to drop everything for everyone and leave ourselves last, depleted, and rejected (by ourselves, no less!). No wonder that even though many of us have an inner child screaming for attention (or a blanky and a nap), s/he gets easier to ignore every time. We're pros.

Real Talk (x5) : Let's Crush (if I don't make you mad first).

It's no secret that I began here after being at a crossroads in my life. Crossroads are never easy places. Sometimes they're huge, with flashing neon signs, and sometimes, they're much more understated, and we don't even realize they were pivot points until much later.

Each and every day contains hundreds of choices, all of which move us closer to or further away from the people we want to be.

Some of my best writing was borne from exploring this concept, realizing that, no matter what the circumstances, I still remained the powerful, worthy being I have always been.

On bodies: active acceptance, being born under a Libra moon, and other hippie shit. ✨

Our worth isn't wrapped up in our dietary choices, our goals, or our appearance. We're meant for more than to obsess over these things, and, for some of us, the way out is to try many methods before we arrive at what will work for us to find our freedom. In the quest for personal development, physical and otherwise, we are all sojourners navigating our stops.

I'm not sure we ever truly arrive and stay. But I am sure that it's always our duty to accept and own where we are and allow others the space to do the same.

This is How you Find your Calling. And get Great at it. (#grittyAF)

More than anything, success and achievement are the result of developing a passion and seeing it through. Fitness, like many things in life, but contrary to societal messages, presents boundless opportunities for expansion. We get to choose to push our limits, to realize we can set goals and smash them, to develop the competence and confidence to push through the hard, ride the waves, and come out where we set out to be. (Chatting new commitments on the biz page! Hop over.)

On Staying in Your Lane, Dropping Comparison, and Cultivating Compassion.

We get to stay in our lane. Which is great news, because that’s all we can control, and it’s bigger over here anyway.

We get to turn our Victim narrative into a rewritten story of power at any time we choose. We get to claim our space and claim our freedom. We get to be honest – all the way honest, highlighting where we’re playing into it too – and become a Warrior focused on growing bigger, oozing more compassion, and being better.

We get to step into our dreams, eyes wide open, full of power.