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Authenticity Is More Than a Marketing Tool.

Authenticity Is More Than a Marketing Tool.

In the push to be more authentic and vulnerable—buzzwords in social media these days— many of us rush the process.

“Be authentic” is a call to action, and, in our haste to prove we’re authentic and vulnerable and all of the imperfect qualities social media demands, we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

We pose imperfectly, tussle our hair, take photos without makeup, and let people in on the little slivers of our lives that aren’t just so.

We claim we’re, “just like you!” But, inside, we know we’re not.

We know that all we’ve done is use one less filter.

We know that all we’ve shown is the light version of the mess.

We know that we’ve wrapped the filth up in a bow, shined it up, deleted some details, and named it “transparency.” We call it authenticity, but it’s still just a curated version of ourselves.

Because we feel the need to stay relevant—to measure up to a standard that is always changing— and we choose our least messy mess and call it authenticity, without sitting with it, feeling it, and making it home.

Or, worse, we choose the least messy mess to avoid the big, hairy, audacious slop. “That’s too much,” we say, “no one will ever trust me if I talk about that."

What would happen if, instead of being social-media authentic, for the sake of significance, we took the time to get to know ourselves so that we could be real-life authentic?

Authenticity is more than a marketing tool.

The magic of our authentic lives lies deep inside ourselves, waiting for us to take a look.

Your authentic self is biding her time, yearning to breathe a sigh of relief once she’s released from her cage.

She holds the key to belonging, to freedom, to power, and to magic.

Sit, look around, and spend some time with her. Let her peel back the layers of costume you’ve been using and take center stage.

Don’t just wear the mask of authenticity — Be authentic.


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We ALWAYS Have Options.

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