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3 Clicks, 3 Workouts Done For You

3 Clicks, 3 Workouts Done For You

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AND WE'RE BACK (to be read like this).

I know for many of us, during busy seasons, structured fitness is the first to go. Totally normal - justifiable, even. 

We have kids to get to all 74 places they need to be, work obligations that can't wait another second, partners that somehow seem to have totally opposite schedules from us, everyone needs to eat, and, oh yeah, we have to factor ourselves in there.

It's easy to let ourselves fall by the wayside, but I'd urge you not to.

The moment I decided to schedule myself in like any other appointment was the moment I sent the official notice to myself: you're on the hook, and you're there because you matter.

Not every season in life contains record numbers of pounds (whether that's lost or lifted on the bar). The *real* progress lies in showing up, even when we don't feel like it (or feel like we can't).

When we show up for ourselves, we're operating from a place of abundance. We're communicating to our bodies and our brains (often, if you're anything like me, in spite of the narrative that feels loud AF in these times saying we shouldn't) that our goals are worthy, and that we're here to move the needle, because there's enough time for us. There's enough energy for us. There's enough space for us. We don't have to fight for it; we create it.

Self-talk matters, but I often have another voice that defeats it. The only way I've found to really get what I want to get through, through is to take action and actually *do* something.

SO, here are 3 workouts you can complete in less time than it takes for round 2 of driving to soccer practice, because you had to turn around since your kid to forget his shinguards:

  • If you like deadlifting (of course you do), but want to follow it up with some conditioning rather than an hour's worth of accessory movements, click here.


  • If you like barbell work exclusively, and want to feel like Wonder Woman when you're done, click here.


  • If you're trying to get sweaty AF and don't have access to a barbell, or just don't want to use one, I've got you covered here.

Try one or try all 3! 
Let me know your favorites, and if you'd like to see more content like this, let me know that too


PS- In the coming month, I'm opening up 4 online coaching slots. If you're ready to relax, drop the anxiety over food and working out, and step into a body (and life) you *actually enjoy*, comment below, and I'll be in touch. They'll fill up fast- don't wait!

Real Talk (x5) : Let's Crush (if I don't make you mad first).

Real Talk (x5) : Let's Crush (if I don't make you mad first).

4 Clicks to Peace With Food

4 Clicks to Peace With Food