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Strength is Not Just the Iron.

Strength is Not Just the Iron.

When you began your fitness journey, what did “strength” mean to you?

Has your definition evolved along with you, as you’ve grown?

We tend to think of strength in one context: how much can you lift? But strength is so much more than a number on a bar.

As we deepen our fitness journeys, many of us dive into body image work and spend a lot of time discussing being more than a number, and this is no exception (a sometimes difficult shift, as we realize that "not defining ourselves by a number" means ANY number, even ones that prop us up. We're more than our abilities. We have inherent worth begotten simply by birth.).

Our strengths show themselves strong when we place our generosity, our compassion, our resilience, our grit on full display.

Strength (in all its forms) is powerful. It’s also useful.

Need help moving heavy furniture? I got you.

Need a spot in the gym and don’t wanna ask the guy curling in the squat rack wearing a stringer tee and slamming a gallon jug full of neon liquid? I’m there for you, too, Warrior womxn.

Need someone to hold the door while you carry all your groceries in one trip? Hand me a bag, and I’ll hold both for you.

A shoulder to cry on? A keeper of secrets? A holder of space, even (especially) for the heavy shit? Check, check, and check.

Being strong for the sake of being strong is invigorating and exhilarating. There’s nothing like looking at a heavy object and hoisting it off the floor (bonus points if no one expected you to be able to do that, and extra bonus points if you weren’t sure yourself, but gave it a shot anyway).

Cultivating strength and putting it to use? Knowing there are fruits to your labor, beyond party tricks?

That’s where bonds are made. Connections forged.

It’s not just the iron; it’s also the fire.

I’m thankful you’ve chosen to spend part of your journey here with me, as we grow and evolve together. If you have a moment, I’d love to hear from you!

Leave a comment and let me know: as the holidays approach, what’s your biggest struggle with fitness or body image?

I’m going to be creating a new resource just for you.


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You Don't Owe Anyone Your Fitness or Your Health.

You Don't Owe Anyone Your Fitness or Your Health.

"I Would Kill to Look in the Mirror and Love What I See Every Morning."

"I Would Kill to Look in the Mirror and Love What I See Every Morning."