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How Do You Care for Yourself?

How Do You Care for Yourself?

Loving yourself looks different for everyone, and it's important you find what it looks like for you.

For some, it's strength training. It can be meditating. It can be yoga. It can be cooking. It can be your favorite show on Netflix. It can be a manicure and a bubble bath and a glass of wine.

Those wonderfully-Instagrammable acts of self-care are important parts of loving yourself, for sure, but this picture is not complete. The ultimate act of loving yourself, imo — the one ring to rule them all, if you will — is to protect your energy.

Are you easily provoked?
Do others' shortcomings get under your skin?
Can a tense conversation put you on edge for the rest of the day (or weekend, even! hiii), wondering what you did wrong, or why someone was so mean to you?
Do you regularly feel like a rescue animal, shivering and starving for love and attention after years of being burned, but distrustful of it when it comes?

I've been there (and it's a daily practice, team.). It's okay if you are too.

But I hope you'll give yourself to you.

I hope you'll wrap your cautiously-optimistic inner child in your arms and let her know she's safe, because you've got this, this time. I hope you'll take stock of your inner landscape, of your needs, of your boundaries, of your desires, and I hope you'll actively work, one step a time, to make them a reality.

I hope you'll create space for you to realize how powerful you are, and to allow your magic to flow through you, amplified by your energy.

My clients are exploring the themes of self-love, and of creating a fitness and wellness practice that feels GOOD to each individual, in their sessions. Busy seasons, in my experience, call for more self-love, self-care, and self-compassion, not less (it's the first thing to go for most of us, isn't it?).

I've opened some online coaching slots to help you start building a practice that is sustainable and in service to your highest goals, BEFORE the pressure and rush of New Year's Resolutions.

I'd LOVE for you to join me, so if this sounds like you, learn more and fill out an application at

I'd be honored to help you uncover your power. 

Questions? Comment below and let me hear them!


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