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Tired of Constantly Trying to Lose Weight?

Tired of Constantly Trying to Lose Weight?

The day I realized that I could use exercise for something other than losing weight, my world changed.

I’ve told the story before, but the Cliff’s Notes version: I was sick as hell (strep throat, no insurance, riding it out with some Popsicles and a blankie), no one by my side (I was deep in the swill with the most familiar of swine, to quote @hozier), and I just wanted to feel capable of one motherfucking glob-damn thing, so I picked up a barbell and saw what happened.


Even with a 6-day-long fever.
Even with the only fuel in my body being the aforementioned corn-syrup-y joy.
Even all by myself, not entirely sure what I was doing, applying theory to things I’d never actually practiced before.

I was lying in the middle of the gym floor, heaving breaths, blotchy purpley-red face, socks clinging to all the wrong places of my foot and sliding around inside my shoes.

And I was utterly, fantastically, magically delighted.

We often make movement out to be something it’s not:

🤯 How can I be doing this many hours of jogging and still be at exactly 181.6lbs?
🤔 What can I do to “work off” those cookies my partner made me (and of which I ate 4)?
🤬 What is the golden calf I have to sacrifice to get rid of these love handles (bat wings, spare tire, fill in the blank)?
It’ understandable. It’s what we’re sold.

But thinness is not a #lifehack to happiness, despite what our culture would have you believe.

The moment you believe trading movement for a smaller body is the only way to feel good about yourself is the moment you abandon the myriad benefits of training that exist *right now*, no matter what you look like:

💫 A friendship with and understanding of your body and her capabilities.
💫 The curiosity to indulge and map out your internal landscape (you know, get to know that voice talking inside your head all the time).
💫 The recognition that if you’re powerful in one area, you can be powerful in any area you choose, because you’ve cultivated the ability to stretch and trust yourself.

Movement doesn’t always have to supply a way to shrink.

Movement is a method of expression, of encouragement, and of expansion.


PS- ready to discover what that kind of movement looks and feels like? Coaching slots are open:

"No One Ever Told Me It Wasn't About My Body Before." (probably not like the rest of what you're reading on New Years' Day)

"No One Ever Told Me It Wasn't About My Body Before." (probably not like the rest of what you're reading on New Years' Day)

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