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"No One Ever Told Me It Wasn't About My Body Before." (probably not like the rest of what you're reading on New Years' Day)

"No One Ever Told Me It Wasn't About My Body Before." (probably not like the rest of what you're reading on New Years' Day)

No one ever told me it wasn’t about my body before.

It was never about me. Nobody before you. I hope you know that has given me the ability to move in the world with less fear and shame; I can be entirely myself without disclaimers and I get to reclaim all of that energy and put it into things and people I love.

It has an impact on every single person around me.

No one told me that I can be as smart and insightful as I am and STILL not know that it isn’t my body’s fault and it isn’t about my body.

I can be a genius and still be fucked up by these things, but I don’t have to be anymore.

And neither do you.


These kinds of testimonials are among the most meaningful words I’ve ever received, and they can be true for you too.

The coolest thing about my job as a coach is that it isn’t about me at all; it’s about you.

On New Years' Day, in the middle of every offer under the sun promising to "fix" the "flaws" that are wrong with you, let's not forget who's most important here.

In my coaching practice, I partner with you on a path to growth and expansion — to strength and ease and peace — as you uncover what’s been there all along: you, in all of your unabashed, unapologetic magic.

You can walk into the gym, into a high-stakes meeting, into a fancy dinner date, and be present in the moment, consumed with passion, exhilaration, and confidence, sharing your brilliance and your laughter, rather than silenced and consumed by thoughts about how your clothes aren’t hugging your hips in the places you want and how you shouldn’t have had dessert last night.

You can stop logging guilt-ridden minutes on the treadmill to “earn” that dessert, too.

Fitness and nutrition can be a source of peace and power for you, starting right now.

You’re justified in feeling positively about your body. You’re ready to drop the shame, loathing, stolen glances in mirrors and snuck late-night bites of cake.

You deserve to show up fully as yourself: to feel the full experience of life dancing in the shadows, throwing your head back in laughter in the rainstorms, appreciating your body for carrying you through each step.

You deserve to feel powerful in your body.

It's all available to you. It's yours for the taking.

In the middle of the email bombardment of the season, take a time out and remind yourself: you're worthy of your own time, space, and attention, and you have nothing to atone for. You're allowed to move in ways that make you feel good, that aren't punishment for the holiday cookies you've enjoyed, that feel like power and joy rather than penance.

It's not about your body. It's about your relationship with yourself.

Ready? Apply here.


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