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Give Yourself Permission to Run.

Give Yourself Permission to Run.

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The development of any skill takes a considerable amount of patience.

Quality movement you enjoy, good nutrition that also allows you to live your life, setting boundaries around your time, protecting your energy, curating the space to be curious, and getting acquainted with your inner landscape are all skills, rather than static traits, in my book. And, if you're here, it's likely you've been at this for a while.

It can be frustrating to put in the work, time and again, and come up short. We all expect ourselves to get it "right" much, much sooner than we do.

What if we were right all along? Exactly where we should be? Exactly on time?

We must accept that there will be a monumental amount of failure along the path. We will mess up. We will get it wrong. We will find hundreds, if not thousands, of ways that don't work for us before we find the ones that do, and, often, they're subject to change even still.

I find an immense amount of freedom in this.

Embracing the idea that we will get it wrong comes with the freedom TO get it wrong. When we sit with the idea that we won't hit a home run on our first (or second, or even third) at-bat, we come to see that the attempt is where the magic is, and the results are nothing more than data.

We're encouraged to take a step forward on the scraggly, winding path to change, as opposed to lacing up our boots and consulting the map for the zillionth time at the outset (and never actually moving). We know it won't be perfect, but it will be motion that produces some sort of result. We know we will know more after an effort, even if we don't succeed, than we would if we stayed stuck. We learn to trust ourselves to course correct along the way.

We grow the most through the process. We develop skills in the un-sexy, not-Instagram-worthy moments: the ones in which we're on our thousandth failed squat, gritting our teeth in frustration, building our resilience and our prowess one rep at a time.

There are no shortcuts.

We release the attachment to the outcome and give ourselves permission to run and see what's there for us, and we end up on a path no other could take.

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