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What Do Your Workouts Show You?

What Do Your Workouts Show You?

THIS is one of my favorite feelings.

You know the one:

Lungs expand, stretching for more air. Legs burn, growing with every rep. Blood pumps, signaling that you're alive with every second: you're here.

You're working.

You're growing.

Exploring the limits of our physical bodies pushes them a bit further out every time, but, more than that, the act of discovering our edges introduces us to our deepest truths. Fitness has shown me that I'm more intelligent than I've been in the past, that I'm more durable than I've believed myself to be, and that I'm more powerful than I've thought myself.

There's nothing like looking at a workout and thinking, "dang, can I do that?" rather than, "oh, I could never do that." It's a subtle shift that oozes its way into our minds over time, and, once it takes place, there's no going back. It seeps through our lives, starting in the gym, and moving out until its grubby fingerprints are all over our walls.

When we're in a spot where all we can think about is what's directly in front of us, the stories we tell ourselves become irrelevant. We're focused on the task at hand and what parts of ourselves need to show up to get it done, excuses be damned.

And it's magic.


If you need a lunchtime workout:

šŸ‘Š 5x5 back squats

šŸ‘Š 4rds: 10 x front squat / 15 x feet-elevated bridges

šŸ‘Š 15m AMRAP: 20 x walking lunges / 20 x KB goblet cleans/ 20 x KB swings

Divorce Dogma. Cultivate Curiosity.

Divorce Dogma. Cultivate Curiosity.

Give Yourself Permission to Run.

Give Yourself Permission to Run.