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How to Make Friends with Your Body

How to Make Friends with Your Body

"Even you don’t have a need to leave your favorite food from your life, because if you're using this formula then you can easily burn the extra mass from your body!"

"8 hacks that will save your carb-addicted life!"

"If you have unsuccessfully tried to lose weight on your own with any one of the endless online or advertised gimmicks, this supplement can help you lose weight."

Do any of these sound familiar?

Are you tired of advertising campaigns convincing you that you've been doing this wrong the whole time? That a bottle holds the key that you've been missing? That you're not capable of figuring your goals out on your own?

You've been taught she can't be trusted, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Your body – often demonized, rarely celebrated – is wise.

You’ve berated her, pinched her, poked her, prodded her, measured her, bashed her, and pushed her to her absolute limit, in all kinds of ways.

She’s learned from each and every walk through the desert (uphill both ways).

You’ve taught her to survive on an alarmingly small number of calories. You’ve stuffed her full of Haagen-Dazs and pizza. You’ve contorted her to fit the standard given by a magazine as best she can. You’ve explored her boundaries in the weight room (and tried to push them a little further). You’ve nursed injuries and babies, grudges and beers.

And, through it all, she has learned.

Just like your soul, your body adapts through every trial. After all these years, perhaps it’s time to listen.

What is your body telling you she needs?

Let me know: where are you taking your training as we head into the fall? What goals do you have?

Your body adapts through every trial.Perhaps it's time to listen to her wisdom..png
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