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I Tried Something New Recently.

I Tried Something New Recently.

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I did a new thing recently.

Due to injuries, stress, and poor-quality sleep, I've been moving my body in new ways. It's been a process of relearning how to tune in — something that is relatively easy for me under some heavy weight, but, I've noticed, is not so natural (at least not without a steady stream of judgment) in other mediums of movement.

I've been doing some #mediocreyoga for about 6 months (which you've seen intermittently in my Instagram stories, if you're playing along!), and earlier this week, a new class was advertised that was beginner-friendly. I'm also in a new area, so, I figured, why not?

And just like that, I took my mediocre yoga out into the world.

Before, I probably never would have done this.

Despite being advertised as a class for anyone from a complete beginner to those with an experienced practice, I would have convinced myself that I'm something before complete beginner, and I don't have a yoga body, and I should be saving money so even $22 isn't something I should spend on myself in a space not meant for me.

I walked to the class, noticing the sights and sounds on my walk, distinctly noticing the magnolia tree. I went into the studio, taking in the crown molding and high ceilings and stone floor, feeling dwarfed by simple studio architecture, imagining what the building was before it was a yoga studio. I took my seat toward the front and I breathed deeply, I listened, I sweat, and I met new people.

Each moment I noticed myself wondering if I was doing it wrong with everyone behind me judging me, I dropped back into my body, focusing on how it felt to move in a new way and what my hips and back and shoulders were telling me. I didn't have a class free from insecurity and comparison, but I tried a new thing, and I didn't die.

That's the beauty of learning to listen to your body: you can work with her. You can ask her what she needs. You can remind her that she's valid and worthy of movement, exactly how she is — even when it's not perfect.

We'll be exploring possibilities in The Body Body Initiative, a group coaching program in which we'll rediscover ourselves, and re-examine our relationship to our goals. You'll get a 12-week fully-customizable fitness program, one designed for YOU and your body, as well as a support group to learn how to work with your body and your needs.

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