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How's THAT Working For You?

How's THAT Working For You?

We spend endless hours wrapped up in the stories we tell about our bodies, without stopping to question whether or not they're the truth.

We tell ourselves we'll be happy when we're small enough, we'll eat the cheesecake on Friday when we've earned it, we'll love ourselves when we hit our goals.

We believe the freedom to wear a bathing suit, the deliverance that allows one to choose the curly fries as well as the salad, and the liberation to appear in candid photos are things for other people.

(Who are those people? We don't know, but they're certainly not us.)

We keep aiming to shrink ourselves, and, as a result, we stay hidden.

How's that working for you?

Your self-esteem and sense of self-worth aren’t dependent on your adherence to a diet or a fitness program. For most of us, our diets and our training are meant to fit into our lives and to enhance them, not to be the yardstick by which we define ourselves or the anchor keeping us planted until we’re light enough to move on.

It’s time to divorce our fitness from our morality, and really get down to the business of creating a movement practice — and a life — that serves us.

This is EXACTLY what we do in The Bold Body Initiative, a 12-week fitness + body image group program designed to help you break free of the constraints placed on you by the diet industry.

Enrollment will be open again in soon for a new round!

Want to learn more? Ready to try a new approach to feeling good in your body? Grab a spot on the waitlist here:


The first round this fall was so powerful it left me in tears... every week. A small group of womxn joined together in an intimate experience, learning why we think what we think about our bodies, finding a new path to fitness that actually feels good, connecting with each other to learn none of us is alone in our body image struggles, I'm so excited to launch a new group this summer. Can't wait to chat more about it with those of you who are interested! 


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