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Why Don't We Have Both? (You Can Be Exactly as Soft and as Strong as You Decide to Be.)

We’re allowed to hold an opinion and seek more information. We’re permitted to bury ourselves in books and scale mountains. We can be found making sandwiches in the kitchen and pumping iron in the gym.

Some would argue that toughness isn’t found in traditionally feminine spaces. I would counter that that’s exactly where it’s forged: in the fires of discovery. In the spaces where we get quiet and are introduced to ourselves, learning who we truly are despite competing messages telling us who to be.
We can be both soft and strong. We can be #grittyAF, molding the strong woman inside as she comes out in layers, getting beaten back by the lessons on the path but showing up time and again.

"Muscles are the best accessory."

When we realize that we’ve put in a ton of work – we’ve done hard shit to get these quads; we’ve done the detective work to find what way of eating works for us and eaten well; we’ve made ourselves a priority in a world that’s telling us to do everything but – we realize that the next challenge at work, the next tense relationship discussion, the next snag in a friendship, the next financial setback, is really NBD. We’ve figured out challenges before, and have the physical mass (because, hello, muscles take up space, and that’s OURS. Own it.) to prove it, so we can do it again. And again. And again. No matter how many times life asks us to, we have tangible evidence that we can get down and dirty – get gritty and get in the mud and fight it out.